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What Are Workers Comp Entitlements?

What Are Workers Comp Entitlements?

In SA, injured staff are classified as either:



If you have less than 30% Whole Person Impairment you will be classed as non-seriously injured and will be able to claim for:


  1. Weekly payments for missed work time up to 2 years
  2. Reasonable medical expenses for up to 1 year after your income maintenance payment ceases, up to a maximum of 3 years. However under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to have the cost of medical expenses paid for beyond the 3 year period.
  3. Return to work services like job placement and retraining
  4. Likely lump sum payment for a permanent loss of function
  5. Likely lump sum payment for non-economic loss




If you have a 30% Whole Person Impairment or more, you will be classed as a seriously injured and be able to claim for:


  1. Reasonable medical expenses and support for life;
  2. Income maintenance payments until retirement age;
  3. A lump sum payment to compensate you for any permanent loss of function.


If you have any questions or would like advice on your workers compensation claim, talk to one of our experts at Nick Xenophon & Co. Lawyers today on 8336 8888. Your first meeting is absolutely FREE. Also we can offer you a No Win-No Fee arrangement if it suits (conditions apply).