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Taking the Myth Out of Legal Fees – They Are More Affordable Than You May Think!

Taking the Myth Out of Legal Fees – They Are More Affordable Than You May Think!

Do not assume that you cannot afford a lawyer without making some enquiries so you can make your own informed decision. If you are involved in a dispute, transaction or document that could have serious consequences then we urge you to at least have an initial interview with a lawyer, legal aid or legal service.

An initial interview about a dispute should help you know if you have a good case or a bad case, the sort of likely outcomes to expect, your options for trying to resolve the dispute, the risks involved and the likely costs. An initial interview about a transaction or document should help you know if this is the sort of thing people usually handle themselves, the work involved, what to watch out for, the risks involved and the likely costs.

Your First Consultation is FREE at Nick Xenophon & Co. Lawyers:

To give you every opportunity to have access to professional legal advice, we will provide your FIRST CONSULTATION WITH US ABSOLUTELY FREE! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual circumstances and show you how we can help you or your business, under NO OBLIGATION. After your free consultation and before we undertake any paid work, you will be given a costs agreement, which outlines how we calculate our fees for legal services. It will also include an estimated range of your legal costs. A cost agreement could be:

No Win – No Fee:

We offer “No win – No fee” legal services in personal injury cases, where appropriate and when we believe that your case is reasonably likely to be successful. This only applies to our professional fees (that is the fees we charge for work performed by us).  Generally, disbursements (out of pocket expenses, etc) must be paid whether you win or lose. For further information on how no win-no fee works visit

Deferred Payment After Settlement:

This is an arrangement where expenses are payable as requested by us, and professional legal fees are payable at the end of your case, only after you have received your compensation.

Negotiated Payment Plans:

An arrangement where expenses and professional fees are negotiated with you to be paid at intervals which suit your individual circumstances.

Fixed Fees:

Legal costs to be paid will be determined by agreement between us and you and are payable regardless of outcome. Typically, Conveyancing and Wills prepared on this basis. We can also negotiate fixed fees for larger volumes of work, such as preparing leases.

Time Based Fees:

Time based fees are usually necessary because it may be difficult to predict how long your matter will take or how much work is involved, for example because of the attitude of the other party in a litigation matter. Rest assured before commencing any work on your matter and before you incur any costs we will discuss with you an appropriate arrangement to suit your individual circumstances and provide you with an accurate estimate of your legal fees.

Legal Aid:

In certain cases you may be eligible for Legal Aid funding for your matter. Legal Aid funding is generally available only in criminal law and family law matters. Legal Aid funding is not automatic. It depends on various criteria, such as your financial position and the seriousness of your matter. It is up to the Legal Services Commission to decide whether to fund your matter.


While some people believe it may be expensive to have a lawyer represent them, it could cost them a lot more if they don’t have one protecting them, fighting for their rights and ensuring they seek and successfully receive the maximum compensation under the law.


At Nick Xenophon & Co. Lawyers we believe everyone in the community should have equal access to professional legal advice, not just those who can most afford it. We provide our clients with a number of flexible payment options as can be seen above which best suit their individual circumstances.


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