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What is Medical Negligence? – How you can get FREE* help.

What is Medical Negligence? – How you can get FREE* help.

Today, people are likely to have more contact with medical professionals than ever before, regularly undergoing tests and procedures for a wide range of illnesses and injuries.

Have you had an unexpected medical outcome?:

Unfortunately, there are times when this results in a poor or unexpected outcome for the patient. Often there is no-one to blame for this, as every medical procedure carries risks which your health professional should warn you about before you agree to the treatment. Sometimes an outcome is completely unexpected by both the health professional and the patient, so it is not possible to be warned in advance.


However, on relatively rare occasions, the poor outcome is the result of sub-standard treatment, lack of expertise, or a failure to warn the patient properly. If this has happened to you, it may amount to medical negligence, and you may be able to take legal action against the health professional for compensation for any loss or damage that you have suffered as a result.

Expert Medico-Legal Lawyers:

If you wish to explore this option further, you will need to consult a specialist legal practitioner experienced in medico-legal matters. Usually, you have three years from the date of the negligent act to commence legal proceedings. This time limit can be extended in some circumstances, particularly if the effects of the procedure do not become apparent for some time, such as injuries sustained by a child at birth.


It is often difficult to talk about these matters, as most people would prefer to keep their medical details private. Be assured that all conversations with a legal practitioner are confidential, and we have both female and male lawyers available, some of whom also have a medical background.


If you believe that you have suffered loss as the result of negligent medical treatment by a health professional, please contact Nick Xenophon and Co. Lawyers on (08) 8336 8888 to arrange an appointment with one of our medical-legal specialist lawyers to discuss your situation. Let us help you through this often confusing and complicated medical negligence legal system, so that you can focus on your health and rehabilitation without the added stress.


Your First Consultation is FREE*:

To give you piece of mind about engaging our services and show you how we can help, your first consultation with one of our expert personal injury lawyers is absolutely FREE!

NO COSTS until your Case is Finalised*:

At a time when you need to get better, the last thing you need is to worry about money. At Nick Xenophon and Co. Lawyers there is no need to worry about up-front costs. We do not get paid until your case is finalised and you have received your compensation. We can also help you pay for any out-of-pocket expenses along the way.


To give you further peace of mind, we can also work on an arrangement of NO WIN – NO FEE! for matters relating to personal injury (some conditions apply*)

So do not let the thought of legal costs be of concern for you, we are here to ensure that you receive best possible expert advice and maximum possible compensation and entitlements in an arrangement that you can afford. Call us now on (08) 8336 8888.