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There are two professionals every business will need to use – an accountant and a lawyer.

The reasons for hiring an accountant are fairly obvious. You need someone to help you set up your accounts and book-keeping review your numbers periodically, and prepare all of your necessary business activity statements and tax returns.
The reason for hiring a business lawyer may not, however, be so apparent. A good business lawyer will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic compliance, setting up an appropriate business trading structure, conveyancing and leasing, to debt collection, lawsuits and liability.

Most small businesses put off hiring a lawyer until they they’re in a business dispute or worse still they are being served with a summons. Bad mistake! The time to hook up with a good business lawyer is before you are sued. Once you have been served with a summons and complaint, it’s too late–the problem has already occurred, and it’s just a question of how much you will have to pay (in court costs, legal fees, settlements and other expenses) to get the problem resolved.
With the judicial system in Australia unfortunately it’s too easy to get into court, but very difficult to get out once you’ve been served. Most lawyers would agree that while nobody likes to pay legal fees, but the fee a lawyer will charge to keep you out of trouble is only a small fraction of the fee a lawyer will charge to get you out of trouble once it’s happened.

Just by the very nature of being in business, can involve a number of risks both legal and financial, which could have a major impact upon you now or at some point into the future.
At Nick Xenophon and Co. Lawyers, our commercial lawyers have the experience and legal expertise to guide you on all the important aspects impacting your business. We will help to ensure that you are fully informed to make the right decisions and that your interests are protected.

A commercial and business lawyer from Nick Xenophon & Co. can work in conjunction with your accountant to ensure a consistent, efficient and effective approach to your important business issues.

Being in business is a serious financial and lifestyle consideration and if not properly managed with the assistance of professional legal advice, could cost you dearly and result in unintended consequences.

To give you peace of mind, we are offering you a free no-obligation initial consultation with one of our experienced business and commercial lawyers to discuss your business and how we may be able to assist you in achieving your goals. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why not call us now for your free meeting on (08) 8336 8888.