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Employment – as an Employer

Employment Law - As an EMPLOYER

Adelaide Lawyers Advising Employers

How you manage the employment and industrial relations laws in your business will have a major impact on what most would consider to be your most important asset – your staff.

Employer Obligations, Industrial Relations and Employee Management Issues

At Nick Xenophon and Co Lawyers we can provide employers with expert legal advice on all employment related matters, including:

  • Fair Work Act, awards and workplace agreements
  • Employer and contractor arrangements and agreements
  • Employee performance management issues
  • Privacy legislation
  • Occupational health, welfare and safety obligations and claims procedures (Workcover and Return to Work)
  • Restraint of trade, confidentiality and intellectual property ownership issues and dispute resolution
  • Termination of employment procedures having regard to award, contractual and other legal requirements
  • Redundancy and unfair dismissal
  • Underpayment of wages, employment entitlements and sexual harassment claims

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We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can assist with any Employment or Industrial Relations issues at your business. To show you how we can provide you with practical cost-effective solutions and add value to your business, we offer you a free no-obligation initial consultation with one of our experienced business lawyers.

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