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About Our Founder Nick Xenophon

About Our Founder Nick Xenophon

Nick Xenophon & Co. Lawyers established in 1984

Nick Xenophon started practicing as a lawyer at the end of 1982, after graduating with a law degree from Adelaide University. In 1984, he established and became principal of his own law firm, Xenophon & Co. Lawyers. His primary focus was on assisting South Australian’s with personal injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, in the workplace, in public places and for medical negligence. Nick served as president of the South Australian branch of the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers’ Association from 1994 to 1997. In 1997 Nick retired from practicing law and was elected to the Upper House of the South Australian parliament as an independent. From 2008 to 2017 he served as a Senator for South Australia in Federal Parliament

“Everyone is Entitled to Fair Justice”

Nick’s unwavering values of battling for a fair and equitable outcome are firmly entrenched in the firm and all the staff at Nick Xenophon and Co. Lawyers.

The firm’s original values that “everyone is entitled to fair justice” is the guiding light in the way we continue to do business today.

Nick is very proud of the team of lawyers that work in the firm who work incredibly hard to protect people’s rights and ensure they get best possible advice, representation and the result they deserve.

Nick Xenophon as a Member of Parliament

From 1997, as a member of the Legislative Council in South Australian parliament, Nick has campaigned at a state level for a whole range of issues including Gambling reform, Consumer Law advocacy, Asbestos Law reform, the victims of crime and a whole range of other issues.

In November 2007 Nick resigned from state parliament to run for the Federal Senate, because he felt he could do more for South Australia. Nick was re-elected to the Senate in September 2013 with a record result of almost 25% of South Australians supporting him. In Federal Parliament Nick has fought on a whole range of issues, as well as Pokies reform, the River Murray, SA getting a fair deal on health, Consumer law, Cyber-bullying, to name but a few.

Nick Xenophon Returns to Law

Nick returned to his practice in 2018, and specialises in areas such as personal injury law, public liability, workers compensation, motor vehicle accidents and medical negligence.

If you were wanting to speak to Nick in regards to a political matter, our recommendation would be to try contacting a member of Nick’s former party, Centre Alliance.

In Federal politics, you could try contacting Senator Rex Patrick (who took over for Nick when he stepped down) here.

In terms of State politics, you could try contacting MLC Connie Bonaros (who worked quite closely with Nick for a number of years) here.