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Business Franchising

Adelaide Franchise Lawyers for all your Business Needs

Franchising is becoming an increasingly popular business model worldwide. While potentially providing many benefits for both franchisors and franchisees not otherwise available in traditional businesses, there can also be many issues for the unsuspecting.

For Franchisors

Nick Xenophon & Co. Lawyers will work with you to help develop a robust franchise model which supports your business strategy. Our services include:

  • Franchise Manual
  • Intellectual Property
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Master Franchise Agreement and related Deeds
  • Compliance with the Franchise Code
  • Disclosure documents
  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements
  • Leases and sub-leases
  • Franchisee sale or transfer
  • Business structures
  • Contract Law
  • Franchise Law

For Franchisees

Whether you are buying or selling a franchise, a Franchise Lawyer at Nick Xenophon & Co. will guide on all aspects of the business transaction and advise you on your franchise obligations to ensure that you are you are fully informed, getting true value and your interests are protected. Our services include reviewing and advising you on:

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Disclosure documents
  • License arrangements
  • Lease arrangements
  • Restraint of trade restrictions

We are happy to work in conjunction with your Accountant or any other adviser to ensure a consistent, efficient and effective approach to your important business transaction.

Franchise Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately the reality of being in business is at some point you may be involved in a dispute whether as the franchisor or franchisee. We will advise you in the resolution of any franchise dispute, including by way of negotiation, mediation or litigation and ensure minimal stress and disruption to you and your business. See our Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Section for further information.

Buying a Franchise

The purchase of a franchise can be more onerous with further issues to consider in addition to those when buying a traditional business outlined in Starting-Up, Buying or Selling Your Business Section. We can provide a range of services to assist you in purchasing and managing your franchise, including:

  • Review and advise your obligations under your Franchise Agreement and any additional documents.
  • Ensure the disclosure document provided to you complies with the Franchising Code of Conduct.
  • Advise you in relation to effective ownership structures.
  • Advise you in relation to any negotiations or disputes with the franchisor.
  • Ensure the franchisor’s procedures and requirements do not breach Trade Practices law.
  • Review and advise you on any lease, sublease or occupancy licences.
  • Advising you in relation to employment matters.

No Obligation Free Consultation

Whether you are a Franchisor or Franchisee, looking to buy, sell or setup Franchises, by the very nature of simply being in business chances are at some point you will need to seek legal advice. To show you how we can provide practical cost-effective solutions and add value to your franchise business, we offer you a free no-obligation initial consultation with one of our experienced franchise, business and commercial lawyers.

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