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Contracts, Deeds and Agreements

Adelaide Legal Advice on Business Contracts

In business, it is particularly important to get the right advice before drafting or entering into a binding contract or agreement, as you could face significant and far-reaching consequences. Making right choice on whether to use a standard legal Contract, Deed or an Agreement can be paramount in the success of your business transaction.

At Nick Xenophon and Co. Lawyers we will provide you with expert legal advice on how to correctly structure your business transactions to ensure that you and your interests are fully protected and avoid any chance of being challenged. Furthermore, the underlying transaction of a contract can have GST, taxation, stamp duty and other consequences and we can advise you on these in conjunction with your Accountant and how best to minimise any potential liabilities in the future.

Contract Lawyer and Solicitor – Preparing the Right Legal Document for your Business

An Agreement is a term used to simply describe a meeting of the minds between two parties.

A Contract contains a number of legal elements for example an offer, acceptance, an intention to create binding legal relations and consideration.

Generally all Contracts are Agreements, however all Agreements are not necessarily legally enforceable Contracts.

A Deed is a mechanism for creating a binding commitment or promise, with particular benefits in cases where the existence or passing of consideration is unclear and also for their obligations to be legally enforceable for an extended period. There are particular benefits obtained by executing a Deed including extended limitation periods and the ability to avoid challenges on the existence of ‘consideration’. These benefits can make the use of Deeds preferable to at least one of the parties in certain transactions.

Agreements, Contracts and Deeds for your Business

Once an Agreement, Contract or Deed is signed you lose the power to negotiate. It is important to speak to us early before entering into any contractual obligations to ensure your rights are protected. At Nick Xenophon and Co. our business and commercial lawyers and solicitors provide expert leading industry advice and documentation preparation on many types of contractual documents, such as:

  • Sale or purchase of a business
  • Sale or purchase of commercial property
  • Sale of goods or service agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Lease of business premises
  • Lease of plant and equipment
  • Finance documents and transactions
  • Employment agreements
  • Franchising

No Obligation Free Consultation

If you are in business, chances are at some point you will need to seek legal advice on a Contract, Deed or Agreement, breach of contract or other legal documents. To show you how we can provide practical cost-effective solutions and add value to your business, we offer you a free no-obligation initial consultation with one of our experienced business lawyers.

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